Connolly Web Design has been redesigned with Bootstrap 4 (Alpha). See what we can do for you in the "What we provide" section below.

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What we provide

Aside from web design services, education is a major new objective for this site in tandem with the YouTube channel included in the links.

Photo taken amongst replicas of soldiers of the Terracotta Army.

Graphic Design

From logo design to full graphics and even bespoke photography, Connolly Web Design can meet all of your needs. We use the Adobe CS6 Master Suite for our design purposes.

New Logo!

Switched from Adobe Photoshop CS6 to Illustrator CS6 to design this glossy button logo.

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Web Design

The educational content shall also deliver training videos for those wishing to learn HTML5, CSS3 (SASS as a progression) JavaScript and also the use of the open-source, new Bootstrap 4 framework. Bootstrap provides a great introductory method for entering into the world of web design.

Keep checking in or email me for updates.

Design Quotation

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Picture of a Chinese building in Beijing Airport.


Although web design shall remain the core content for, the content shall evolve to meet the needs of our customer base.

Check out the YouTube channel using the links below.

Valid Code

Our CSS and HTML5 code is validated with W3C.

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