About Me

Thank you for visiting the page to learn a little more about me. Please email me using the link in the above menu to make suggestions or to request assistance with whatever you are trying to achieve.

Latest News!

The YouTube channel is now available. The educational content shall also deliver training videos for those wishing to learn HTML5, CSS3 (SASS as a progression) JavaScript and also the use of the open-source, new Bootstrap 4 framework. Bootstrap provides a great introductory method for entering into the world of web design. I shall be aiming to upload one new video per week, not just for web & graphic design but also for operations management.

Photo of Seamus Connolly outside of the Natual History Museum in London

Management & Training

My time spent in training and management has taught me many lessons. Many companies fail to provide any relevant support to assist new managers to develop into their new positions and furhter development once you get to mature into the role is almost non-existant. I shall be providing videos to assist with the operations management development.

Picture of Seamus Connolly while working in professional football in the UK


I have always had a love of design and architecture, especially older architecture where more effort was dedicated to detail in the design. That serves as my inspiration.

Currently I concentrate on front end development using HTML5, CSS3 and Sass.

Picture of reference books piled on a desk

Education & Growth

Not only will the focus be on web design and operations management education. All requests for additional content will be gratefully received and responded to.